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I would setup a local user with access to "just what is required" and use that user.'''Beware!''' It it might be possible (depending on your setup) for a remote user to Donc vérifier la connectivité, la charge de ton windows. IP archivée --> Merci de préciser si vos problèmes sont résolus pour que l'équipe du forum puisse passer vos topics en [RÉSOLU].«Ce n'est qu'en essayant continuellement que l'on finit par réussir. En d'autres termes, plus ça rate et plus on a de chances que ça marche!» (Shadocks) bad_crow Addict Froggy Messages: 116 Karma: 1 Re : [RESOLU] NRPE - No output available from http://computerhelpdev.com/exit-code/return-code-128-git.php

Any ideas? At the moment speed is not the issue - reliability is. Ton nagios ne génère pas de queue de process ? thanks MickeM 2010-04-14 21:48:33 UTC #17 I have removed the error message in the next nightly build. (ie.

Exit Code 128 Git

windows-server-2003 share|improve this question asked Aug 2 '09 at 9:06 mbp 12616 Would be good to know more about what they so. I have a system on VB that makes hundreds of calls to an exe per hour and it has been very stable, unless someone moves the exe on me. –Kyle Hodgson URL: Previous message: [Nagios-users] ' Need the big picture: Why "retention"? I've updated the NSClient from 0.2.7 to 0.3.5 recently.

Here's the debug log section: 2008-11-11 12:00:32: error:d:\documents\Visual Studio 2005\Projects\NSCP\branches\stable\include\execute_process.hpp:114: Failed to peek buffer: 109: Die Pipe wurde beendet. 2008-11-11 12:00:32: error:.\NRPEListener.cpp:240: The command (check_ad) returned an invalid return code: 128 Related information Windows return codes Product Alias/Synonym Maestro TWS TWA Document information More support for: IBM Workload Scheduler Software version: 8.4, 8.5, 8.5.1, 8.6 Operating system(s): Windows Reference #: 1624571 Modified See the command’s syntax diagram.http://www.stata.com/manuals13/perror.pdf[Nagios-users] NPRE Socket Timeout - The Mail ArchiveNRPE_NT: Bad return code ... What Is Non Zero Exit Code No software changes has occured. –mbp Aug 3 '09 at 6:35 add a comment| up vote 1 down vote The first thing to check is that you have the correct .Net

Thanks MickeM 2008-11-06 15:42:11 UTC #2 No cant see anything thats removed.My guess would be there is a problem with the executable you are trying to run. Git Exit Codes Des recherches sur le Net ne m'ont rien donné pour le moment...Est-ce que à tout hasard quelqu'un connait la (ou une) cause possible pour cette erreur ?Merci d'avance « Modifié: If anything has gone ... https://groups.google.com/d/topic/nagiosconfig/ECFhrml6gt0 share|improve this answer answered Aug 2 '09 at 13:59 Helvick 14.9k12648 I conclude that the internet connection is not an issue since both commands that rely on connection fails,

Browse other questions tagged windows-server-2003 or ask your own question. Exit Code 128 Windows This allowed me to run one setup with cutom NSC.ini files already pre-configured. Nagios NPRE_NT are also failing in the event log: NRPE_NT: Bad return code for [No output available from ...http://serverfault.com/questions/48988/several-command-prompt-actions-failing-periodically[SOLVED] CHECK_NRPE: Error receiving data from daemon.CHECK_NRPE: Error receiving data from daemon. ... These are some of the checks I have: Example:check_nrpe - Dell OMReportcheck_nrpe Available RAMcheck_cputimecheck_disk_ccheck_nrpe - process.exe I've removed some unneeded modules from the The only Modules from the \NSClient++\modules folder, and

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Resolving the problem This issue can be resolved using the methods defined below: 1. https://confluence.atlassian.com/fishkb/non-zero-exit-code-128-error-executing-command-unable-to-find-remote-helper-for-http-305759561.html You should also check the behavior of the apps/scripts that are being called interactively to ensure they are functioning as expected and not throwing up any errors. Exit Code 128 Git But if I try with the check_nrpe command it doesn't. Git Exit Code 1 Return Code: 3, Output: NRPE: ...http://www.lowlevelmanager.com/2012/05/debugging-nagios-remote-nrpe-commands.htmlNagios Core / NRPE / [15fb2c] /src/check_nrpe.c#define DEFAULT_NRPE_COMMAND "_NRPE_CHECK" /* check version of ... ("send the plugin output and return code back to *this ... ("CHECK_NRPE:

It is intermittent - on average 2-3 of times a week. navigate here com> Date: 2009-06-17 19:39:00 Message-ID: 004d01c9ef83$43ee3a50$cbcaaef0$ () com [Download message RAW] [Attachment #2 (multipart/alternative)] Hi, I am running NRPE_NT on Windows2003. If there are network dependencies (such as the FTP call) are those commands completing fast enough from the new location so that you're not causing multiple calls to stack up? Extreme modification suggestions for a Wi-Fi enabled hairbrush? Non Zero Exit Code Java

Do you think this has anything to do with TLS/SSL socket connections? Other commands such as Nagios NPRE_NT are also failing in the event log: NRPE_NT: Bad return code for [No output available from command...]: 128 The only way to make these commands The JOBMON process is not able to create the job process due to a system resource limitation or due to a security issue. Check This Out Une piste ?

Mais bon si ça passe depuis le serveur nagios à la main ce n'est pas le problème...Niveau droit a priori, on doit être bon. Error: Could Not Get Revision, Git Error: 128 output. Parking lot supervisor Where can I find Boeing 777 safety records?

But still it is "strange" and it would be nice to know which command causes the problem (and hopefully why). // Michael Medin MickeM 2008-11-06 17:20:10 UTC #5 it would (BTW)

No handler for that command XV ...https://assets.nagios.com/downloads/nagiosxi/docs/NRPE-Troubleshooting-and-Common-Solutions.pdfNagios Check_nrpe no output returned from plugin in Nagios ...Nagios Check_nrpe no output returned from plugin in Nagios but works ... # 'check_nrpe' command definition What happens to a radioactive carbon dioxide molecule when its carbon-14 atom decays? Why do shampoo ingredient labels feature the the term "Aqua"? Git Ls Remote Error 128 One command is a simple batch file which fetches a range of files on a FTP server, another command is a simple third party tool which converts file to a proprietary

I never succeed in thickening sauces with pasta water. Could be three unrelated problems with similar symptoms. Or, have you just changed hosts but using the same physical server? http://computerhelpdev.com/exit-code/aix-return-code-1.php What is this apartment in which the Terminator fixes himself?

It was running fine.