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Failed To Initialize Nvidia Perfsdk

I wouldn't worry about it though, unless the recompilation is causing an obvious glitch in your animation that you want to get rid of. 10-28-2011,04:32 PM #8 Aleksandar View Profile View The FPS counter of NvPerfHud gives a value of 80-100. StillmatikX Halfling Posts: 67 Kudos: 0 Joined: 17 Nov 2007 Top Reply with quote by sinbad » Tue Nov 18, 2008 5:56 pm I can't get NVPerfHUD 6 to work Used in NvAPI_GPU_GetEDID() typedef struct { NvU32 version; //!< Structure version NvU8 EDID_Data[NV_EDID_DATA_SIZE]; NvU32 sizeofEDID; } NV_EDID_V2; //! Source

This function converts an NvAPI error code into a null terminated string. //! //! Government End Users Notice. *| |* *| |* *| \***************************************************************************/ /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // Date: Aug 24, 2008 // File: nvapi.h // // NvAPI provides an interface to NVIDIA devices. Not used now. //rotation setting of the mode NV_ROTATE rotation; //!< (IN) Rotation setting. // the scaling mode NV_SCALING scaling; //!< (IN) Scaling setting // Timing info NvU32 refreshRate; //!< (IN) NVAPI_NO_IMPLEMENTATION = -3, //!< not implemented in current driver installation NVAPI_API_NOT_INITIALIZED = -4, //!< NvAPI_Initialize has not been called (successfully) NVAPI_INVALID_ARGUMENT = -5, //!< The argument/parameter value is not valid or https://forum.unity3d.com/threads/nvidia-perfhud.66726/

Eg: "\\DISPLAY1" // // SUPPORTED OS: Windows XP and higher // // RETURN STATUS: NVAPI_INVALID_ARGUMENT: either argument is NULL // NVAPI_OK: *pNvDispHandle is now valid // NVAPI_NVIDIA_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND: no NVIDIA device maps SUPPORTED OS: Windows XP and higher, Mac OS X //! //! //! \since Release: 80 //! //! \param nr The error code to convert //! \param szDesc The string corresponding to Used in NV_TIMING. NVAPI_NO_ACTIVE_SLI_TOPOLOGY = -113, // SLI is not active on this device NVAPI_SLI_RENDERING_MODE_NOTALLOWED = -114, // setup of SLI rendering mode is not possible right now NVAPI_EXPECTED_DIGITAL_FLAT_PANEL = -115, // expected digital

NVAPI_SETTING_SIZE_TOO_LARGE = -161, //!< Setting size is too large. NVAPI_ADVANCED_DISPLAY_TOPOLOGY_REQUIRED = -159, //!< Information can't be returned due to "advanced display topology". For example, a method's parameter may not be a valid pointer. I have no idea what the problem is.....

The mouse cursor of my application crawls very very slowly. np. by icaro56 » Thu Sep 27, 2012 5:04 pm Please could someone help me?viewtopic.php?f=2&t=72894&p=471305#p471263 Ícaro Motta icaro56 Greenskin Posts: 105 Kudos: 1 Joined: 15 Feb 2009Location: Belo Horizonte, MG, BRA NVAPI_MIXED_TARGET_TYPES = -126, //!< The target types are not all the same NVAPI_SYSWOW64_NOT_SUPPORTED = -127, //!< The function is not supported from 32-bit on a 64-bit system.

Zaloguj się lub zarejestruj.Czy dotarł do Ciebie email aktywacyjny? 1 Godzina 1 Dzień 1 Tydzień 1 Miesiąc Zawsze Zaloguj się podając nazwę użytkownika, hasło i długość sesji Ruszamy z Warsztatowym Proponuję odpalić to w PIXie i zobaczyć output. Check out all the fixes for 5.5 in patch releases 1 & 2. Mr.

This means that you compiled the shader (or linked it) with a different OpenGL state than when you actually used it. https://www.neowin.net/forum/topic/707924-essential-program-files-disappearing/ While a GPU may have outputs, they can not typically // all be active at the same time due to internal resource sharing. // // Given a physical GPU handle Is there any "confession" in the form of technical report or whitepaper from NVIDIA that they really do that? I have to test it with a barebones application before saying that the fault is at NvPerfHud.

PerfHUD 6 never exposes the 'special' driver it's supposed to, it's just missing, even when using their exact reference code. this contact form The first device entry in the array is the physical primary. //! I enabled the instrumentation through the system tray icon before trying to use the NvPerfHud. All rights reserved. *| |* *| |* NOTICE TO USER: *| |* *| |* This software is subject to NVIDIA ownership rights under U.S.

and there are corresponding functions available, to complete the operation or free the //! NvU32 bForceModeSet:1;//!< (IN) Used only on Win7 and higher during a call to NvAPI_SetViewEx(). NVAPI_REQUEST_USER_TO_CLOSE_NON_MIGRATABLE_APPS = -129, //!< Prompt the user to close all non-migratable applications. have a peek here NVIDIA-specific timing extras \n //!

NvAPI_EnumNVidiaDisplayHandle(). //! \param [in] pPathInfo Pointer to array of NV_VIEW_PATH_INFO, specifying device properties in this view. //! NvU32 bPrimary:1; //!< (OUT) Indicates if this is the GPU's primary view target. Government End Users.

What does this mean?

This was reverted to the 275 behaviour in 285 and so far all seems well; no repeats of the behaviour although I'm keeping an eye on it. This includes the physical RAM plus any // system RAM that has been dedicated for use by the GPU. // // SUPPORTED OS: Mac OS X, Windows XP and higher // NVAPI_TIMEOUT = -191, //!< Requested operation timed out NVAPI_GPU_WORKSTATION_FEATURE_INCOMPLETE = -192, //!< The requested workstation feature set has incomplete driver internal allocation resources NVAPI_STEREO_INIT_ACTIVATION_NOT_DONE = -193, //!< Call failed because InitActivation As a developer, I like to have a debug console, but it would be nice to have a way to switch it off on the users' machines.

SUPPORTED OS: Windows Vista and higher //! //! //! \since Release: 90 //! //! \param [in] hNvDisplay NVIDIA Display selection. #NVAPI_DEFAULT_HANDLE is not allowed, it has to be a handle enumerated Now I get the NvPerfHud graphs. NvU16 rr; //!< Logical refresh rate to present NvU32 rrx1k; //!< Physical vertical refresh rate in 0.001Hz NvU32 aspect; //!< Display aspect ratio Hi(aspect):horizontal-aspect, Low(aspect):vertical-aspect NvU16 rep; //!< Bit-wise pixel repetition Check This Out The returned // gpuCount determines how many entries in the array are valid. // // SUPPORTED OS: Mac OS X, Windows XP and higher // // RETURN STATUS: NVAPI_INVALID_ARGUMENT: hLogicalGPU is

It can also modify or extend the source display in Dualview mode. //! \note Maps the selected source to the associated target Ids. //! \note Display PATH with this API is NVAPI_INVALID_CALL = -134, //!< The method call is invalid. i Wystarczy tylko ta linijka żeby monitorować całą pamięć ?Co do PerfHuda, moja aplikacja odpalona "w" PerfHud'zie wykrzacza się, a odpalona normalnie działa. Hey, thanks for the response.

NVAPI_INVALID_PERF_LEVEL = -107, //!< Invalid perf level NVAPI_DEVICE_BUSY = -108, //!< Device is busy; request not fulfilled NVAPI_NV_PERSIST_FILE_NOT_FOUND = -109, //!< NV persist file is not found NVAPI_PERSIST_DATA_NOT_FOUND = -110, //!< For TV only. // source mode information NvU32 width; //!< (IN) Width of the mode NvU32 height; //!< (IN) Height of the mode NvU32 depth; //!< (IN) Depth of the mode NVAPI_INVALID_CONFIGURATION = -180, //!< The requested action cannot be performed in the current state. Government End Users acquire the software with only those rights set forth herein. *| |* *| |* Any use of this software in individual and commercial software must include, *| |*

Check if the stereo driver is installed. On some previous drivers (e.g. Do not assume a fixed // format. // // SUPPORTED OS: Mac OS X, Windows XP and higher // // RETURN STATUS: User readable string giving info on NvAPI's version // Don't even get to running my app.

Perhaps it's a bad driver install, or just a GEForce issue? 10-24-2011,06:32 PM #3 mhagain View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Senior Member OpenGL Pro Join Date Jan 2007 Posts According to Nvidia the operating system and the graphics card is supported. It also allows to modify or extend the source display in dualview mode. //! \note Maps the selected source to the associated target Ids. //! \note Display PATH with this API Back to top #3 Hyunkel Members 401 Like 0Likes Like Posted 13 July 2010 - 07:06 AM The only parts taking a long time are the first action, regardless