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Failed To Link To My Tivo Account


Once I enter the TSN that is on the bottom of the TiVo stream it gives me the following error:"You cannot activate service on this DVR. Or, you could see if the episode you want is on at a different time (e.g. Reload to refresh your session. Again, let me know if there's a problem. have a peek at this web-site

Weekly Topics & RecommendationsStay in the loop! NPL job completed: 0:00:39 ---DONE--- job=javaplaylist tivo=Media Continuing Now Playing List from Media (128/215)... You will want to click on the highlighted word "here" on the website and not on the "Activate your TiVo device here >" above, as this is for new customers. rebooting TiVo) with no result. https://forums.tivo.com/pe/action/forums/displaypost?postID=10375342

Tivo Server Service Process Has Stopped Working

While trying to find the software conflict causing this other issue I uninstalled Tivo Desktop, downloaded the new version, and now have this problem. I will try the two experiments later today. I am entering the correct information and I confirmed it with my tivo account page on line. This is a new issue (within the past week).

Tap OK to re-scan your wireless network for V6 and TiVo boxes. If you want it up to that point, then you can turn off "Delete Intermediate files" in Advanced Preferences, but we decided it was better to not pretend we had gotten All Rights Reserved Upload File Saving... jimccjr commented Sep 6, 2014 Hi Hugh, Thanks for your willingness to look into this issue!

I assume you actually have an external disk named "TiVo" that you're storing your videos on? Pytivo Is there any other possible sources of unknown transfers that are going on - I have been in to check that Tivo server is not running and certainly tivo desktop has dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/yqf40j9y6v0j299/cTiVo%20temp%20folder.png?dl=0 You will notice that one of the shows only partially downloaded. https://tapatalk.com/topic/4262-tivocommunity-forums/542636-tivodesktop-2-8-3-unable-to-link-to-your-account If you have already activated your streaming device, tap "try again" to confirm activation.If I type Activate I get a safari browser that gives me the error at the begining of

cTivo 2.1 (439); OS X 10.9.4 Please provide any additional information below. I've also tried manually adding the Tivo. If you see “No TiVo Boxes found” tap OK to re-scan for boxes again.When Virgin TV Anywhere finds a V6 or TiVo box you will see the Select your box screen. I am running Windows XP and Plus 2.6.1 and am unable to link to my Tivo account.


Select "Force Stop". http://support.mytivo.com.au/index.php?action=artikel&id=38 The TV listings on my Android tablet or phone are showing the wrong timeHas your Android Tablet been switched off or run out of battery recently? Tivo Server Service Process Has Stopped Working Maybe I'll try an all uppercase password.

mystic1muse 08/18 #5 Did you try with both domain and name in all caps?Also, someone suggested that log on problems can occur with special Tivo Desktop Plus If this continues to happen you can:Check that other devices connected to the router have a working Internet connection.

You can also check that ‘Network Remote Control’ is enabled on your V6 or TiVo box. http://computerhelpdev.com/failed-to/failed-to-set-password-for-machine-account.php Make sure your router is not blocking the required ports or using a proxy server or web page caching. This is the story of their turbulent relationship. Virgin TV Anywhere Mobile Your Account Sign in Entertain me Our products Join us My Virgin Media Help For business Find a store Email Find a store Email My Basket Main

To do this you will need to alter your trusted application settings within your security software. I believe TiVo most likely has had a server failure and/or database corruption. So, look at the resulting output file and see if it is indeed damaged or shortened. Source TiVo and the TiVo logo are registered trademarks of TiVo Inc.

cTiVo tries valiantly…and even RE-tries…but then gives up :-( Collaborator mackworth commented Sep 5, 2014 Sorry to hear that. maxq104maxq104 0 followers Apr 7, 2008 at 11:00:41 PM | #3 More Options Hide Options Forward Report Abuse Print [Archived] I have the same problem. Rather than blindly assuming that the file is ok, we let you know there might be a problem.

Reboot the Android Tablet by holding down the Power on/Off button.

If you have not yet activated your streaming device on tivo.com, please do so now."I can log into my tivo.com account and view my devices/service, when I click activate a new It must be a pretty major flaw in programing. As an example Kmttg gives the response: http IO exception for: Any further suggestions. Home About Us Work with Us Contact Us Terms & Conditions Warranty Information Privacy Policy Press Copyright © 2017, Hybrid Television Services (ANZ) Pty Limited.

applejediknight for example, if there are certain glitches in a show, then it cannot be downloaded beyond that point. [email protected] Log In App User Login Site Owner Login Username Email Address Birthday Password Old Password New Password Confirm Password Notifications Tapatalk UpdatesThese emails are reserved for special All rights reserved. have a peek here Read timed out I:\Program Files\kmttgv2.0v\The Girl (11222015).TiVo: size=0.05 MB elapsed=0:02:03 (0.00 Mbps) Download failed to file: I:\Program Files\kmttgv2.0v\The Girl (11222015).TiVo Removed failed download file: I:\Program Files\kmttgv2.0v\The Girl (11222015).TiVo The

Finally, I do recommend going over to https://github.com/dscottbuch/cTiVo/releases and getting the latest release 2.3.1. schutzjpschutzjp 0 followers Apr 8, 2008 at 9:18:14 AM | #5 More Options Hide Options Forward Report Abuse Print [Archived] Yeah, this is not a Vista issue. My guess is TiVo has a server (mind.tivo.com) that's blocked. Make adjustments as needed.

I've read every post I could find here and elsewhere on the issue with no answers that worked.Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

JoeKustra 08/17 #2 I'm running Windows 10.Tivo Deskto Just go to preferences, set the Log level to Detail, let a couple of shows fail and then use the "Go To Folder" command (Cmd-Shift-G in Finder) to ~/Library/Logs. You can also try enabling TS downloads (configuration--Program Options--Download TiVo files in Transport Stream format). To do this:Press Home on your remote, then go to Help & Settings > Settings > Network Remote Control.

Has anyone called them? Tivo must have remembed to flip a switch on their end. I rebooted the tivo again and once again, providing the file had not been transferred between tivo's, the downloads were sucessful - it seems like when a file is transferred between Please refer to our Privacy Policy or Contact Us for more details You seem to have CSS turned off.

You signed out in another tab or window. The following communication ports need to be available for your TiVo media device to successfully connect to the TiVo service: TCP port 37 TCP port 80 TCP port 443 TCP port Important: if you have configured more than one subnet on your home network, make sure all your TiVo boxes and your computer are on the same subnet. Windows XP Pro SP 2 32 Bit I have the "Tivo Desktop Plus" version. http IO exception for: Server returned HTTP response code: 503 for URL: Download failed to file: I:\Program Files\kmttgv2.0v\The Girl (11222015).TiVo The Girl (11222015).TiVo: Download attempt # 5 scheduled Really sorry for delay on answering, but we've actually moved cTivo and all its support over to https://github.com/dscottbuch/cTiVo/ Note the only open issue 72: "Please don't file issues here; see GitHub!" When it's failed, then go to the temp directory (normally Finder>Cmd-G>/tmp unless you've changed it ), and list what files are there (as well as in /Volumes/cTiVo). Just go to preferences, set the Log level to Detail, let a couple of shows fail and then use the "Go To Folder" command (Cmd-Shift-G in Finder) to ~/Library/Logs.

FinallyŠ This "partial download" situation generating a "damaged/incomplete" notice occurs occasionally. Jul 27, 2014 #2 [email protected] I too am having the same issue. If your TiVo media device is still unable to connect, with the firewall disabled, the problem may lie with your router/modem or your ISP.