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Sql Server Replication Row Handle Is Invalid

The setting to enable firing of triggers during the initial bulk load is not exposed in SSMS, but it is configurable through the @fire_triggers_on_snapshot parameter in sp_addarticle and the 'fire_triggers_on_snapshot' property Not the answer you're looking for? My setup is as follows: I have a RepositoryBase class that fields certain db calls that all repositories need to perform. Sep 14, 2006 Which replication agents are available in Express edition?abdul View 1 Replies View Related WMI For SQL Replication Agents May 22, 2006 Is it possible to obtain the status, this content

The same problem happened on a pair of SQL 2000 Enterprise servers.Thanks for any input.Richard View 1 Replies View Related Home Submit Resource Tracker Forum Advance Search Privacy Policy| Terms Transactional Publication With Article Using DATE Datatype Causes Snapshot Agent to Fail with Error So I am using SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition (64Bit) and have run into a strange problem Because the account does not have sufficient administrative credentials to enumerate the properties of the user in the domain, the xp_logininfo system stored procedure fails, and you receive the 8198 error. But now, it doesn't.

There are also another agent with the backup server name and database name: BackServ:DBName having the type Pull and 'No replicated transactions are available' as Last Action. I have not seen this happening before when doing replication. when connecting to "DB1" on "DB2". Reporting Services & MS Word format (.doc) renderi...

Error Message: 'The process could not create file '...\Publication_1.sch' or 'The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.' Check to see if there is an Privacy Policy. I read that we have to delete the existing publication and subscription.  Is there any way to solve this problem without deleting the existing subscription and publication Any help would be You cannot post IFCode.

The value of: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSSQLServer\SQLServerAgent\Subsystems\Snapshot" should be changed to: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\BINN\SQLREPSS.DLL,C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\80\COM\SNAPSHOT.EXE,ReplStart,ReplEvent,ReplStop,120 How can I script out the permissions for use in a post-snapshot script? I have seen this a few times recently. With the replication setup configured in the aforementioned fashion, how is it possible to invoke the snapshot job agent of the corresponding publication on the second link (from ShareDB) dynamically after http://www.sqlteam.com/forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=184520 All Forums SQL Server 2005 Forums Replication (2005) Queue reader aborting Reply to Topic Printer Friendly Author Topic manjulaud Starting Member 2 Posts Posted-04/12/2013: 01:07:17 Hi all,This is

any advices? is the worker procedure triggered again for the same message by the queue?3. I first tried to restart SQL Server service (and related services) at the publisher without luck. The updates and inserts on server A is successfully replicated to server B.

Paul Ibison, Copyright © 2013 http://www.bigresource.com/MS_SQL-Queue-reader-Agents-Failed-SQL-200-replication-fcIpufbR.html I have started the MSSQLServer Service and SQLExecutive Service using 'sqlexecutivent' and 'pswd'. At present the replications agents are scheduled on both the publisher and ShareDB. Are people of Nordic Nations "happier, healthier" with "a higher standard of living overall than Americans"?

It gives this error when starting the snapshot, distribution, and log reader agents.This server has been working in this configuration for over a year. http://computerhelpdev.com/sql-server/cpu-usage-sql-server.php Word for unproportional punishment? Browse other questions tagged sql-server trigger merge-replication or ask your own question. My query is a simple one, very well-know for all of us:strComputer = "SRVDESASQL2005"Set wbemServices = GetObject("winmgmts:\" & strComputer)Set wbemObjectSet = wbemServices.InstancesOf("Win32_LogicalMemoryConfiguration")For Each wbemObject In wbemObjectSet WScript.Echo "Total Physical Memory (kb):

Is this because of the queued updating? http://www.amazon.com/Microsoft-Server-2008-Management-Administration/dp/067233044X looking for a book on SQL Server 2008 Full-Text Search? The step failed" The SQL Server Agent service (SQLServerAgent) at the client should not use the LocalSystem account - it needs to use a standard domain account. http://computerhelpdev.com/sql-server/sql-server-the-signature-of-the-public-key-is-invalid.php Although when I try to open the SSCE database I seenothing in there.

How can I avoid double quotes being added to the stored procedure names when they're replicated? Basically you need to add a column with a default constraint. Database is in merge replication, no conflicts presented.

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We need to create the replicated db on same server. Give an indeterminate limit of a function that is always indeterminate with iterated attempts at l'Hopital's Rule. Chris Jul 20 '05 #2 P: n/a Erland Sommarskog Not Me (cl*********@toofgib.moc) writes: "Not Me" wrote in message news:cc**********@ucsnew1.ncl.ac.uk... Error Message: "Could not find stored procedure 'dbo_ss.dbo.sp_MSremovedbreplication'" This is usually due to a failed service pack installation.

The topology is using a remote distributor on SQL Server 2005 to offload the replication agent jobs processing from the OLTP environment. View 4 Replies View Related Log Reader And Distribution Agents Account Jul 23, 2002 HiBy default, the Log Reader Agent and Distribution Agent use the account the starts SQL Server Agent why did this error appear? http://computerhelpdev.com/sql-server/sql-server-2005-failed-to-connect-to-server-localhost.php I had a "Merge Replication" scheme that I had to set up.

The database is unusally large. when I check sp_browsereplcmds. Therefore, if the stored procedures or views use double quotation marks, the Distribution Agent or the Merge Agent assumes the default behaviour of using double quotation marks for identifiers only. up vote 0 down vote favorite SQL Server 2012.

In this case I am trying mergereplication and I am getting the error's mentioned. (28572) I am notsure where this error may be generated from. I'm still wondering... The log file becomes huge like 10GB and also I cannot truncate it as it has unreplicated txn. The problem is it didn't happen to everyone and Ican't recreate it at all on my own, so am wondering if it was somethingto do with the level of traffic to/from

Home | Articles | Scripts | Consultancy | FAQs | Links | SSIS General | Transactional | Merge General FAQs Question - what does this do in Snapshot replication? do not know why it ishappening? One interesting note is that the single quote happens to also show up in a non-XML column, and the command segment for that column was generated correctly (it was escaped). How?(sp_mergemetadataretentioncleanup)3.

To remove this error, delete any orphaned records in the table MSreplication_subscriptions on the subscriber database, refresh the jobs folder and then recreate the script.