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Now, on the ASP side, I use the command object to send the form contents to the stored procedure. is_event_logged 1 = Message is event-logged when an error is raised. I eventually realized how useful return values from stored procedures could be, since I could use them to return a value based on a potential error condition that I check for The return values -99 through 0 are reserved for SQL Server internal use. http://computerhelpdev.com/sql-server/sql-server-return-code-0.php

They must have some logical meaning! Null check OR isEmpty Check Is there any way to take stable Long exposure photos without using Tripod? Email check failed, please try again Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. %d bloggers like this: Login | Register When you think ASP, think... Recent Articles All Articles If you have the source of the sproc, try your standard debugging procedures. –Adrien Jun 23 '09 at 23:49 Which version of SQL Server are you using? his explanation

Sql Return Value From Stored Procedure

The result of calling this procedure is shown below: DECLARE @ReturnCode INT EXEC @ReturnCode = spTotalOscars 1998 SELECT @ReturnCode There were 16 Oscars won by films released in 1998 in our present here at this web site, thanks admin of this site. DECLARE @SalesYTDForSalesPerson money, @ret_code int; -- Execute the procedure specifying a last name for the input parameter -- and saving the output value in the variable @SalesYTD EXECUTE Sales.usp_GetSalesYTD N'Blythe', @SalesYTD asked 7 years ago viewed 32912 times active 4 years ago Linked 3 Getting a result feedback from a stored procedure in Entity Framework 3 SQL Server return code -6, what

You can create your own parameters that can be passed back to the calling program. Returned values are difficult to access using ODBC their use is recommended only to return a success or failure of the stored procedure when communicating with other stored procedures. severity Severity level of the message, between 1 and 25. Db2 Sql Return Code -551 If the procedure doesn't find any records it returns a value of 0.

Otherwise, if there is no error, send the user on to some other page, one that, perhaps, displays a confirmation message of the database action just performed.

 <% returnvalue = Share this:Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to You can get the List of all the Error codes or messages as In SQL Server 2000 USE MASTER GO SELECT * FROM SYSMESSAGES Column name Description error Unique error number. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/321903 Under ""Control-Of-Flow Language", RETURN", he found "SQL Server reserves 0 to indicate a successful return and reserves negative values from - 1 through - 99 to indicate different reasons for failure. 

EXEC Sales.usp_GetSalesYTD; GO -- Run the stored procedure with an input value. Sql Server Return Codes List At no point does it do 'SELECT -4' so how can I "find out what -4 means in that particular stored procedure"? If you say RETURN without providing a value, the return value is 0 if there is no error during execution. TechNet Products Products Windows Windows Server System Center Browser   Office Office 365 Exchange Server   SQL Server SharePoint Products Skype for Business See all products » IT Resources Resources Evaluation

Sql Server Stored Procedure Return Value 0

By default, if a system stored procedure returns a 0 it has succeeded; if it returns any value other than 0 it has failed in some way. http://www.wiseowl.co.uk/blog/s365/sql-return-codes.htm Our new SQL Server Forums are live! Sql Return Value From Stored Procedure Home Repository  Disclaimer About MSSQLFUN EXPLORE & EXPERIENCE THE MSSQL Search Search Home » CodeProject » SQL Server - List of all the Error codes or messages SQL Server - List Sql Server Stored Procedure Return Error See Books Online for details and examples.Tara KizerMicrosoft MVP for Windows Server System - SQL Serverhttp://weblogs.sqlteam.com/tarad/Subscribe to my blog dije Starting Member 6 Posts Posted-09/15/2011: 23:05:58 thank's tara...i used

Reply Midhun says: January 20, 2016 at 12:11 am Try this select * from sys.messages where language_id = 1033 Reply Kiran K R says: June 19, 2016 at 3:31 pm Language_id=1033 http://computerhelpdev.com/sql-server/cpu-usage-sql-server.php Answer: Once some ask this thing to you or this though comes to your mind, I am sure most of us will start goggling or looking into BOL for the details Also, if there is no standard then why does a divide by zero error always return -6? All Rights Reserved Sitemap Terms & Conditions Privacy policy Home | Weblogs | Forums | SQL Server Links Search: Active Forum Topics | Popular Articles | All Articles by Tag | Sql Server Stored Procedure Default Return Value

You can also use the RETURN statement by itself to immediately end the execution of a procedure without specifying a return value. But if there is no RETURN statement, but an error occurs during execution, the return value is 10 minus the severity level of the error. Whether these negative numbers have any meaning, is a bit difficult to tell. http://computerhelpdev.com/sql-server/sql-server-2005-failed-to-connect-to-server-localhost.php This is the same for all message languages within a message_id.

The @return_status local variable must be declared before it can be used. Sql Server Stored Procedure Return Error Value This is the same for all message languages within a message_id. Returning from a procedureThe following example shows if no user name is specified as a parameter when findjobs is executed, RETURN causes the procedure to exit after a message has been

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The values 0 through -14 are currently in use. Some research suggests that this behavior may be left over from SQL Server 6.0. Aggregate functions, such as SUM, are good candidates for calculating the value of a return code, as in the example below: CREATE PROC spTotalOscars ( @FilmYear INT ) AS BEGIN RETURN Stored Procedure Return Value C# Where can I report criminal intent found on the dark web?

description Explanation of the error with placeholders for parameters. The example below calls the system stored procedure called sp_executesql and captures the return code in a variable: DECLARE @ReturnCode INT EXEC @ReturnCode = sp_executesql N'SELECT * FROM tblFilm' SELECT @ReturnCode Or you could try looking at the Results tab as suggested in my previous comment. this contact form Here is an example stored procedure that returns an error result if something goes awry:

 Create Procedure [Proc_InsertProduct] ( @productname varchar(50) = null, @price money = null } AS if 

EDIT: counter-example SET ANSI_NULLS ON GO SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON GO CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[RetValTest] AS BEGIN select 1/0; END GO Execution: DECLARE @return_value int EXEC @return_value = [dbo].[RetValTest] SELECT 'Return Value' = See ASP.NET Ajax CDN Terms of Use – http://www.asp.net/ajaxlibrary/CDN.ashx. ]]> Developer Network Developer Network Developer Sign in Subscriber portal dlevel For internal use only. We appreciate your feedback.

If a procedure tries to return a null value (for example, using RETURN @status when @status is NULL), a warning message is generated and a value of 0 is returned.The return Returning from a Stored Procedure You can return from a stored procedure at any point to end the execution of the procedure. DECLARE @SalesYTDForSalesPerson money, @ret_code int; -- Execute the procedure with a title_id value -- and save the output value and return code in variables. Kids shuffling cards Which was the last major war in which horse mounted cavalry actually participated in active fighting?

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