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Nsrjb Failed To Connect To Nsr Service


Was the Backup command successful before you made any changes, and if so, what changes did you make? Use ping to establish basic connectivity. In /etc/hosts or the NIS hosts map, optionally delete the old client name alias. This could be the AAP driver shipped with earlier versions of Backup, or release 1.1 or earlier of the Parity driver, which only supported SCSI bus 0. have a peek here

Your hardware configuration. : My Account Welcome, Log out View or Edit Profile Find a CommunityExploreContentPeoplePlacesEventsEvents HomeEMC ForumEMC WorldLive EventsCreateLogin / RegisterHelpSearch  Find Communities by: Category | Product Big Data Cloud Content Management After that we noticed that none of the Networker commands was working because the library status was "Not ready" instead of "Ready" . This feature is important since it allows you to perform disaster recoveries for the client. https://community.emc.com/thread/116827?tstart=0

Too Many Indications Attempted Discarding One

Multiple Save Sets Appear as a Single Archive Save Set When you combine multiple save sets in an archive, such as /home and /usr, they end up in a single archive Previewing a Backup Every time you add a new client to NetWorker, it is a good idea to check if NetWorker can successfully back up the files for the new client. Here's Why Members Love Tek-Tips Forums: Talk To Other Members Notification Of Responses To Questions Favorite Forums One Click Access Keyword Search Of All Posts, And More... Media Position Errors Encountered with Auto Media Verify Enabled When you enable Auto Media Verify for a pool, Backup verifies the data written to volumes from the pool while saving.

If you get following error then services are not running. Re: nsrjb: cannot connect to nsr service PatrickLee Feb 7, 2011 10:16 PM (in response to mukesh34) Hi mukesh34, thanks for replying. You need to know the way drives are assigned to the groups should the need arise to delete the drives.   The steps are in the document. For example, if a non-compressing drive writes 2 GB of data to a specific tape, the compressing drive could write 10 GB, 2 GB, 5 GB, or some other unpredictable amount

Need more information please. Networker Unable To Connect To Server Program Not Registered RE: RPC error: Program not registered rgzimmer (MIS) 3 Feb 03 14:38 You can also try using rpcinfo in place of ping if you haven't already.rpcinfo -p netbiosnamerpcinfo -p FQDNrpcinfo -p Destination Component Full Messages The message "Destination component full" usually is the result of a manual operation performed on the autochanger, for example, physically unloading the tape drive by means of http://www.tek-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=460985 Otherwise NetWorker cannot scan in the information correctly.This information can be retrieved by going back to the n/w server where the tape was created from.Reply QuoteAnonymous Problems loading without mount on

IW 2:48 /usr/etc/nsrmmdbd 159 ? Checking the Backup Daemons If you have trouble starting Backup, the daemons may not be running properly. From the client machine, invoke the xhost command. ----------------------- # xhost server-name ----------------------- 2. See "How to Use ping to Verify Network Connections" on page 254. 5.

Networker Unable To Connect To Server Program Not Registered

Notes on the rpcinfo command and its error messages are available in the UNIX man page for rpcinfo. https://nsrvalley.com/ Document the steps you take and the results, especially error messages, in case you need to contact SunSoft Technical Support. Too Many Indications Attempted Discarding One The device name must belong to a tape drive in the autochanger, not the autochanger itself. Emc Networker Program Not Registered PACKET RECEIVE BUFFER and NO ECB Counters Increase When your server is waiting for a tape to be mounted or is in the process of changing an autochanger volume, you see

Below is one of the messages you might see: quattro:/usr no cycles found in media db; doing full save In this example, the filesystem, /usr, on the client quattro has no http://computerhelpdev.com/to-connect/vncserver-failed-to-connect.php To prevent tape write errors, clean your tape drive regularly and use only data- quality tapes. S 23:45 /usr/etc/nsrindexd 160 ? Backup Backup and Recover This section explains how to troubleshoot various problems you may encounter with Backup backup and recover operations. Emc Support

Backup Media Capacity Occasionally you will find that NetWorker marks backup volumes as "full" when they are not really full. (The Volumes window and the output from the mminfo -m command Empty Annotations in the Retrieve List You may encounter empty annotations in the retrieve list when you search for annotations using a search string. Differential option SCSI busses can be much longer (due to the electrical differences from Single-Ended). http://computerhelpdev.com/to-connect/diskeeper-2008-failed-to-connect-to-the-service.php The hidden attributes are accessed by selecting Details from the View menu in the graphical administration program (nwadmin) or by selecting the Hidden choice from the Options menu in the cursor

Essentially importing a volume from a foreign Networker server.In that case, then just stick the tape into the drive and run the scanner command.However, before running scanner, you need to make As root on the NetWorker server, shut down the NetWorker daemons: # /etc/init.d/networker stop Change to the directory containing the client index directory, by default /nsr/index: # cd /nsr/index Delete the This can cause problems if you copy one very full tape to another, especially if the destination tape holds less data than the source tape.

When you use the nsrmm or nsrjb command to label the tape: -------------------------------------------------- nsrmm: error, label write, No more processes (5) -------------------------------------------------- When you attempt to use the scanner -i command:

nikura replied Feb 23, 2010 Yes, networker services are running and here is the output of ps -ef|grep nsr: root 774230 2912292 0 18:26:14 - 0:00 /usr/bin/nsrindexd root 897166 774230 0 Also, there was nsrlcpd service which was running, and each time we try to stop Networker, it won't stop properly because of it. If you have name resolution problems, first configure only the host tables for your machines, then test your backups. The following users have permission to recover any files on any client, regardless of the contents of the Remote Access list: root operator a member of the operator group Other users

Granting administrator privileges creates a potential security issue, since Backup administrators can recover and retrieve data owned by other users on other clients. To enable Backup to use the tape capacity to its fullest, select the highest density device driver appropriate for your device. Because Backup relies heavily on mapping of ports, use rpcinfo to test the operation of the portmapper. this contact form Deinstall the device driver and then reinstall it, and supply the correct address for the autochanger (robotic arm).

If the sensor that verifies whether the tape drive door is open or closed is out of place, follow the instructions provided with your autochanger hardware to determine the problem, or To run the script and redirect the output, become root on the system and enter the nsr_support command at the shell prompt: --------------------------------- # nsr_support /temp/filename --------------------------------- For further information about Caution - Do not put aliases that are shared by other hosts on this line.

Illegal Characters to Avoid in Configurations When you upgrade from earlier versions of Backup, the Login with LinkedIN Or Log In Locally Email Password Remember Me Forgot Password?Register ENGINEERING.com Eng-Tips Forums Tek-Tips Forums Search Posts Find A Forum Thread Number Find An Expert Resources Jobs

Using ping tests the connection up to the network layer in the OSI model, rpcinfo checks for communication up to the session layer. If that query returns too many archives, you can use mminfo to locate the archive clone with the same save set ID (ssid) as the archive you want. Your cache administrator is webmaster. Diagnostic Tools A variety of diagnostic tools are available as operating system services and as part of the Backup product.

For example, the servers file on a Backup client would contain the following names for a Backup server named mars located in the oak.com domain: -------------- mars mars.oak.com -------------- In the X11 Errors The following error message may appear when the nwadmin & command is executed: Xlib: connection to "client:0.0" refused by server Xlib: Client is not authorized to connect to Server If he did not receive call then leave VM. Verify more extensive operations by issuing the tapeexercise command.

When rpcinfo runs successfully, the output is a list of port numbers and names. Thanks.